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Anrgirl is Holly Hutchison - a music business veteran of 24 years who has held A&R executive positions at Capitol Records and Atlantic Records in Los Angeles prior to the creation of her own free agent A&R entity ANRGIRL.

After working in an A&R role at the majors, Holly has been doing independent A&R and artist development out of passion for guiding artists on how to establish themselves and the need to advocate a proactive stance of pushing the artists’ career to the next level through hands-on, cost effective, creative grass roots marketing methods once they have recorded material to promote.

Holly has established a consistent track record of identifying artists that will go on to have successful careers and championing them to their respective labels and/or professional team (some being Deftones, Alanis Morissette, Blink 182, Slipknot, Muse, Saliva, Bosson and Vega 4), as well as being involved in all aspects of album production and song selection for pop, rock and rap genres. She has worked with top producers, mixers and songwriters such as Timbaland, Peter Mokran, Ron Ainiello, Josh Abraham, Al Sutton, Michael Brauer, Dave Way, Diane Warren, Billy Steinberg, Monty Powell, Jack Kugell, Kirsti Manna and Steve Kipner, just to name a few.

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Anrgirl Says
Written by Anrgirl   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 00:00
The Monthly A&R Critique
Claudia and The Naked Chords from Saint Lucia
"I Wish"
This is a very simple song. Yet, there's something very honest and soulful about it. The production could use help and taken to a more professional level. I really like the sweet lead guitar melodies and reinforcements.  I believe the true moments are in the vocal delivery by Claudia. Is this a vocalist on a level of Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston? No. Is there some kind of indeterminable sultry magic of soul going on t I can't quite put my finger on?...Yes, absolutely. The pop/rock sound with a band to what could be an R&B tune brings a more passionate approach while maintaining the poignant sense of yearning. It gives the song edge and props Claudia up to come across as a Tina Turner rocker with a sort of Gladys Knight soul. I look forward to hearing more songs like this from this artist.


Close contender:



"You're Amazing"


This 13 year young lady from Queensland Australia is definitely one to keep an eye on. Her voice is strong and her talent excels beyond her years. I love that she goes the extra mile in her stage wardrobe as she moves through establishing her identity as a performer. I'm interested in following the course of this young artist's career and hope continues to make huge strides that her work ethic and devotion to her passion for music deserve.


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